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Recommended Flag Sizes


Selecting the right flag or flags for your needs is important. According to popular usage the longest length of your flag should be relative to either 1/4 to 1/3 the length of your in-ground flagpole. For example a 20' flagpole should fly a 3' x 5' flag. A 25' flagpole should display a 4' x 6' flag. When a larger, more impressive look is desired you may up-grade to the next largest size.

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Please note that most residences and estates use either a 3' x 5' or 4' x 6' flag. Most commercial and government institutions fly a 5' x 8' flag or larger. Remember that the size of your flag is determined by the height of the flagpole it will be flown from. Use the chart below as a reference.

Flagpole Height Flag Size
10' 3' x 5'
15' 3' x 5'
20' 3' x 5'
25' 4' x 6'
30' 5' x 8'
35' 6' x 10'
40' 8' x 12'
45' 10' x 15'
50' 12' x 18'

For residential or light commercial applications displaying a flag mounted to a flagpole (a flagpole typically 4' to 6' in length) which is then attached to a wall, porch, balcony or railing the most commonly used flag size for this application is a 3' x 5' flag. These are called wall-mounted display flagpoles.


The most important rule is use common sense! Only you know your flagpole and the demand the weather puts on the pole and its flag(s). The flagpoles that we manufacture and distribute are capable of flying two flags (in some instances two or more). Please use caution and common sense when choosing to fly two or more flags or larger then recommended flags from your already installed flagpole. Please note that no flag or flags should be displayed in extremely high winds or during inclement weather.

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Here are some recommendations to achieve the best and most attractive appearance when flying two flags from the same flagpole. Note our general recommendation on flag sizes when flying two flags on the same flagpole is to select then next smallest recommended size (from the chart above) for the top flag and the next smallest size to that flag to fly below. However this recommendation does not always apply to all flag sizes and flagpoles.

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