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Mounted Display Flagpoles & Brackets

Photo Item Description Price  
A 6' Pole WHITE Free-Spin Aluminum Flagpole - THE BEST! $69.99
A 6' Pole SILVER Free-Spin Aluminum Flagpole - THE BEST! $69.99
B 5' Pole Standard Hardwood Flagpole $55.99 -
C Bracket Heavyduty Pole Bracket - WHITE $37.99
D Bracket Heavyduty Pole Bracket - SILVER $37.99

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Wall Mounted Flagpole Display

White Adjustable Flagpole Bracket

Silver Adjustable Flagpole Bracket

Display Flagpole
A. Tangle Free Spinning 6' Pole - The absolute ultimate display flagpole ever! Here is why: A full 6 feet long, this beautiful heavy guage aluminum pole is available in a white or silver finish and is crowned with a gleaming gold ball top. The top 40" of the pole rotates on ball bearings so your flags or banners will always hang and move freely. There is no need for an unfurling tube or to worry about the flag becoming wrapped in the wind. For the very best displaying of your flags or banners every spinning flagpole comes complete with two flag fasteners for flying a traditional flag and also a snap-swivel ring for displaying a banner. Fits all 1" brackets show here. Also available in 5' lengths, call to order.

B. Standard Varnished Hardwood 5' Pole - A great display flagpole that is also 1" in diameter and 5' long. These wooden display poles provide a strong and sturdy display at a budget minded price. Can also be used for flying flags with grommets or banners with pole hem. The top portion of the pole is supplied with an unfurling tube to prevent the flag or banner from wrapping in the wind. These poles are topped with a wooden ball top ornament.

C. White Adjustable Flagpole Bracket - The very best and most durable display bracket. These heavy cast aluminum bracket adjust to several different angles including vertical and horizontal making them very versatile for mounting your flag and pole almost anywhere you need. They fit up to a 1" diameter flagpole and are finished in white to match perfectly with our Tangle Free Spinning 6' Pole or our wooden pole if you prefer.

D. Silver Adjustable Flagpole Bracket - Same as our white aluminum bracket listed above but only with a silver finish. Adjusts to many different angles and fits up to a 1" diameter flagpole.

Flagpoles are recommended for use with our heavy-duty nylon 3' x 5' flags or
approximately equal size banners or smaller.

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